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About Just C

Just C exists to provide young people with a tool box to be productive adults through resources, time, relationship building, and life skills through the power of being able to culturally connect.

Chenice Brown-Johnson founder of Just C, a volunteer run 501c3 organization is a native of Richmond, Virginia.  Chenice started Just C because she has experienced what youth of today are experiencing and understands the importance of having a trusted source in their lives to help fill in the gaps.

Chenice uses real life triumphs to mentor young people by connecting, empowering, and exposing them to a different outlook, and the possibilities and opportunities of life. Just C promotes healing and breaking barriers so that we all can flourish as a community.

“Experiences encourage a change in your mindset which changes emotions and outcomes. My Passion is showing young people that just because you have been through trauma, lived in a certain place, suffered some losses and made mistakes that you can bounce back and overcome just like I did, that’s JUST C."

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Our Initiatives

Here's how we impact our community.

Shelby makes donation to nonprofit preparing students for virtual learning

Chenice Johnson, founder of Just C, is fundraising to purchase desks for students in need.


How volunteers are helping prep Richmond students for virtual learning

Volunteers are helping prep Richmond students for virtual learning


Community helps graduating seniors pay for caps and gowns

What Crawford did was donate to JUST C.



We are grateful to the business owners and managers along with community members who made monetary donations to support our Student Desk Drive which will provide portable and lap desks to elementary, middle, and high schools as they prepare for the 2020-2021 virtual school year.


Our Services

Speak.Speaking engagements to encourage and remind our youth that anything is possible.

Inform.Help to rehab families through counseling, life skills, and education.

Resource.Be a resource for intake programs and families through aid and/or information.

Give.Provide nonperishable food items and/or hygiene products to families and host college closets.

Community.Facilitate and/or host community discussions with resources to create a change by meeting needs.

Plan.Assist youth in discovering and creating actionable plans for their after graduation/post-secondary goal achievement(s).


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Our Team

We are here for your success! We are a small team of passionate individuals ready to help you become the best you can be! We've been there before, moving from teen years to young adults is difficult. We want to make it easy.

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Chenice Brown-Johnson

Chenice Brown-Johnson


The Blog

Updates. Press Releases. Stories. See what we've been up to at Just C! Blog posts are written by our team and guests.

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